Sunday, February 8, 2009

Looks like the pay cap could be spreading...

The Anchoress, which is a FANTASTIC blog, had a link to a great article about the quiet whisperings of our tax evading Secretary of the Treasury and his lap dog, Barney Frank. They seem to be testing the waters, innocently wondering if they could get away with capping the salaries of executives who's companies DO NOT receive tax payer money. This is only the beginning my friends. Hold on to your wallets and start piling up some food reserves. Hard times are likely ahead.

The Anchoress: And you called me paranoid?


  1. You said, our perhaps you were quoting the Anchoress, "Hold on to your wallets and start piling up some food reserves. Hard times are likely ahead."

    I followed everything in the comment up to that point just fine, but I don't see the connection here. Would you perhaps care to expand on this point a bit?

  2. Ha. Yeah, not directly related. My thoughts were just spinning forward. I guess I meant that with all of these price controls and communistic regulations, you might want to start planning ahead. There were a lot of food shortages in the USSR... and there might be hyper-inflation soon when the Democrats figure out they can't tax us enough to pay for these expenditures and begin to print more money.

    I agree with your other comment as well - that this is all about CONTROL. I agree 100%. And what's more, we have history to back this claim up.


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