Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Keeping Media Honest Campaign

After the abysmal coverage of our Seattle Porkulus Protest by the local news stations (KIRO is exempt from this singular event as they covered our protest well) I have decided that one of our first courses of action is to hold these local stations' feet to the fire. First we must be relentless in notifying the media of our events. If they are notified by many people, they are more likely to show up and cover us. However, if they CHOOSE to ignore us, this is what we will do:


1. Find your local news stations' websites.
2. Keep tabs on them to verify that they are giving mention and coverage to our protests and campaigns. We want a spot on their evening TV news and we want some kind of mention on their internet sites either through mention in a related article, or within an article devoted to our event alone.
3. IF they are not giving us coverage, start calling, emailing, writing letters, blogging about them, etc.
4. Email people you know who would care, and post the info on your own blogs and other blogs that such and such station in city, state, USA is ignoring a big story. List the station's phone number and email address and let's help them become responsible, objective reporters once again.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for your local newspapers as well.

Too bad for the MSM and the left. They awoke a sleeping giant, and that's just me. Wait 'til they get a look at the millions of giants waking up.


  1. I heard you on Laura Ingraham today and was completely impressed. I am a 42 year old mom in Michigan and I've been wondering what, if anything, I can do for our country and for the conservative movement. I will be following your suggestions. It is so important that we join with like-minded citizens and let our voices be heard. Thanks for your inspiration!!!

  2. I'm listening to you on Laura Ingram as I type. Good for you. I'll be watching in the wings for ways to help.

  3. Perhaps a protest of the local TV and newspapers? I feel a weekend protest may increase turnout.


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