Saturday, February 28, 2009

Glaring Mistakes - Intentional or Accidental? You Decide.

So the Tea Party went down fabulously, and while we are not yet at the thousands of numbers that the left so easily manipulates like lemmings at their whim, we are building a real, solid, grassroots movement filled with passionate, caring, intelligent, and purposeful people - so take heart, or warning, depending on which side of the divide you may fall. And there is a divide, make no mistake about it. In fact, that divide is really the true embodiment of what those on the left like to call "diversity," is it not?

On to my own rant, if I may. Dennis Mooney, a self-described liberal who was asked by the national tea party coordinators, TCOT, to report on our Tea Party published his article today. While he was accurate in some descriptions of the event and some protesters' opinions, and he seemed genuinely interested in our reasoning, he made some extraordinarily egregious mistakes. These mistakes varied from incorrect facts and analysis by Mr. Mooney, to the sort of errors caused by incomplete information and assumptions made by the author. *

Let me walk you through this article.

His first few paragraphs set the scene, paying extra attention to the homeless men, the Macy's employees on strike across the street, and again, takes the extra time to describe how the man wrapped in a blue blanket, next to his own vomit, is sitting underneath the area where the speaker will be standing. He then juxtaposes this scene with this statement:
Soon people will gather to talk about socialism, taxes, bailing people out.
As if to imply that these policies we oppose could be helping these people and yet we are so callous that we do not see this. It is a sly literary wink and nudge to others who share Mooney's self-induced misconceptions about fiscal conservatives. Which leads me to his butchering of my attempt to explain to liberals like Mr. Mooney the truth about the immense compassion of free market advocates. This is his version of my speech:
Kelly [sic] comes back with an impassioned “don’t let them say we don’t care about people being turned out of their houses”. I wonder what the twenty or so homeless lying on the park benches are thinking? She tells us “immoral is a government coming into your house and taking your money and giving it to someone else”. She says, “we believe in prosperity because we care for people”. The guy under the blanket next to his vomit is still there; he’s not listening because he’s muttering to himself under his wool hat.
Perhaps, Mr. Mooney, had you been listening or paying attention, you would have heard the rest of my statements concerning this matter. My point was to explain, as one is forced to do - over and over again - that we believe in charity with every fiber of our being. It is the cornerstone of fiscal conservatism. We believe that we each have a duty to give out of our own abundance to those who are less fortunate: the hungry, the homeless, the poor, the sick, the lonely, etc. 

We do not approve of THE GOVERNMENT coming into our homes and taking our hard-earned money to give away at someone else's discretion. It is immoral for the government to take one person's money and property in order to redistribute them according to the whims of the current politicians. It is also immoral not to care about the needy. The difference is that when people give of their own volition, from their hearts, many splendid things arise, while forced redistribution only increases the misery for all due to the "pie" decreasing in size, and usually goes hand in hand with a progressively oppressive government (because you cannot force people to give away their money and property without, well, forcing them to do it.) 

On a personal note, my family has always, always given much to charity and volunteered our time, for as long as I can remember. In fact, my family has given away a higher percentage of our income than that of the Obama's or the Biden's, though they were making much, much, much more than my family. It is reckless, rude, deceitful, and downright mean to make such erroneous accusations towards fiscal conservatives based on biased and ignorant opinions, and factually incorrect information.** 

The other point I would like to make about this part of his article is that CONSERVATIVES DO NOT USE PEOPLE AS PUPPETS. I'm sure a liberal protest would have made an example of the poor man who was sitting next to his own vomit. He would have been paraded around for all to see, and they would have clucked about this program and that program and how if they were better funded, he would not be here right now! and then they would have dropped him in his vomit to go celebrate at some swanky Belltown bar, congratulating themselves on working so hard for social justice. Sorry Mr. Mooney. We do not use people to make a point. Had I wanted to use someone, I would have picked out any of the 300 people at the protest and asked them to tell me about their charitable giving and volunteer work, which goes above and beyond the tax burden now imposed upon them. 

Next I would like to bring your attention to something that, if I were a liberal who was obsessed with race, could be construed as racism. Oh yes, I used the "R" word, against a liberal. Check out this paragraph here:
By the time it hits its peak of 250 people I start to see some resemblances to the Republican Party in the crowd. I don’t see a single African American, I didn’t see any Hispanics. 

Let me reiterate this part: "I didn't see any Hispanics." Mr. Mooney, I hate to break it to you, BUT I AM HISPANIC! I am half Latina, and my mother is 100% Latina, and she was at the rally as well. I happen to take after my father who is a "gringo," and of course I bear his last name, which is not hispanic. My mother and I were furious. However, not because you judged us by the color of our skin, or because you didn't recognize us as being hispanic, but because you made a bigoted assumption that all Republicans or Conservatives or Libertarians are white. 

That is stereotyping, that is profiling, that is bigotry in all its pure, unadulterated form. How dare you even think to make these statements without actually asking every single protestor about his or her ethnicity or race. Furthermore, I knew some of the protestors there, they are my friends, and I can tell you unequivocally that many of them were not white. Some of them were Pacific Islanders, Chinese, and Mexican, and some of them were mixed race, just like our President. But you chose to make an abhorrent assumption that relied on your already biased misconceptions about fiscal conservatives. You should be ashamed of yourself and you should wipe clean the slate upon which you have harbored these misconceptions and lies. As my grandmother used to say: 
Que barbaro! No tienes verguenza!

Lastly, Mooney keeps mocking us because he thinks none of us will be affected by the tax increases since of course, only "the rich" will have to pay more, and so we are being silly for even making such a big deal out of this stuff. In case you haven't heard Mr. Mooney, it isn't one person making $250,000 that will be taxed more, it is supposedly couples and families making $250,000 or more. There are actually a lot of people, especially in techie Seattle, that probably do make that much. Also, this whole illusion of taking money from the top 2% of Americans (i.e. the wealthiest families), so that no one else will be affected, is not only immoral (again, the government has no right to take from them just because they are successful), it is a completely incorrect analysis and conclusion. Please, feel free to educate yourself.

In closing, Mr. Mooney, I feel that you took exceptional creative and artistic license with the thoughts, quotes, and opinions of the people at this protest, and with the set up you created to cushion your own biases. I appreciate you trying to give your point of view, and you were very polite in person. You seemed very respectful and interested in our opinions. And so I conclude, an article it was; an objective retelling of the event it was not.

*Honestly, there were quite a few little mistakes in this article, but I am concentrating on the particularly offensive and large grievances. 

**Mr. Mooney: why don't you let me know how much you give to charity and how many hours you volunteer per week, and while we're at it, why don't you explain to me the extraordinarily high rate of Democrats (in particular, some of the Obama cabinet nominees) WHO DO NOT PAY THEIR OWN TAXES?? There's also the problem of the President naively trying to limit charitable deductions that "rich people" can make. Yes, that will really help poor people - punish those trying to help them. Sheesh. You might also want to explain to me all of the studies that have been done that show, time and time again, that conservatives do more charitable giving than liberals, even though liberals have a higher average income. I'll be waiting for your call.


  1. Liberty Belle,
    You make great points! Love the mention of charitable giving and what the Bidens and Obamas gave before the 2008 election season. I remember hearing from talk radio that they gave embarrassingly little, but the mainstream media never brought this up. I'm hearing that Obama and the Democrats are now trying to make charitable giving less tax-deductible, discouraging people to give to their chosen personal charities. The Democrats' thinking is Big Government will do the charitable giving from now on.

  2. Were you able to tell him of his inaccuracies in email or over the phone? Not that he'll admit he was wrong... I think you can really kick him in the balls with the race thing though. Just goes to show the authenticity of the documentary "Media Malpractice" before it even comes out.

  3. Well done on your part, shame on Mr. Mooney.

  4. Nice rebuttal! This author clearly doesn't understand the principles of conservatism. He, as typical of libs, writes of what he believes the Republican party is made of with no authority on the subject. Mr. Mooney, I suggest you take Liberty Belle's cue and do some more investigative research before you pubish an article.

  5. Who cares what anyone else thinks, lets keep it up and really focus on the actual "tea party" suggestion made last Friday. Check out St. Louis - 1000 strong. Wow.,0,1452111.story


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