Monday, February 16, 2009


Hey everyone!! Today is our day! I hope we have a lot of fun, meet a whole bunch of new people, and make our voices heard. Make no mistake, the President will be signing that bill tomorrow, I have no illusions that he will actually listen to us. BUT, maybe, just maybe we can start a movement that will snowball across the nation and get people out of their homes, meeting each other and working together to redirect this country towards its truly radical founding principles of individual liberty and freedom. Maybe people will wake up slowly at first, and then quickly when they realize the urgency needed. 

Speaking will start at about 12:30 pm at the arch at Westlake Park, and around 12:15 there will be a fabulous surprise.... ssshhhhhhhh!

Thanks to so many people for all your words of encouragement and help!



  1. Just wanted to offer support from across the country in NYC. There are plenty of people watching you today, praying for you and wishing you all the best in your efforts today.

    You are doing a brave and necessary thing, I can only hope that there are others in America that are willing to follow your example and stand up for what we know is right.

    Please keep us posted! All the best.

  2. hi belle
    i am excited for what you have organized! i am coming to the event tomorrow!!!! i actually live outside of portland so we are driving up early in the morning. thanks for planning it. please stop by my blog when you have a chance. blessings to you and see you tomorrow!
    kate at blatherings

  3. Liberty, thanks for all the time and effort that you put into the protest.. i heard about it from a Facebook friend in Salt lake city.. i wish you would join to form a community.. you can easily link your blog to your FB homepage.. anyway that's another story...

    i took about 30 pictures but cannot find a link to mail you.. anyway i'm posting them to my Facebook page and would like to send them your way let me know. thanks again.

  4. Awesome event. Great turnout. Thank you for getting this organized. I have posted pictures here:

  5. We need to talk I live in Northern Michigan, and am fad up with the way the Government is not listing to the people. So I have started a web site to get people to march on Washington DC in a peaceful movement to get then to listen. My web site is Very grass roots so I can use all the help I can find. I look forward to chatting with you.

  6. Here's my little report:

  7. What did you do to get this started in Seattle? Help, we want to snowball in Texas!

  8. I just found out about this, an hour too late. But I want to thank everyone who went and I'll keep an eye on this blog so I don't miss the next one.

  9. What do I do to snowball here in Texas!


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