Monday, February 16, 2009


UPDATE II: KOMO emailed me back and said they ran a piece on their TV news, but still nothing on their website even though they still have a link under the "Local and Regional" tab for the Olympia protest held by students and "workers." They ALSO neglected to mention ANYTHING about the protest held by citizens, organized by some great groups, in Denver, CO today as he signed the Porkulus into law. Just imagine if President Bush was signing a controversial piece of legislation into law and hundreds of people were present to protest that bill...just imagine what kind of national coverage that would get! We need to keep up the pressure on our local news stations (this is for everyone, across the country) to make sure they are not sweeping OUR dissent under the rug. 4:16 pm 2.17.09

UPDATE: KIRO is off the hook. They finally posted the video and coverage of the event. But keep calling KOMO and KING5 and ask why they did not think it was newsworthy to even mention our protest. 11:13 pm 2.16.09

Hmmmmmm.... am I surprised after a quick jaunt through the local Seattle news websites that there is NOT ONE mention of our anti-stimulus, pro-freedom rally??? Um, no. Not surprised at all. I called up KING5 and asked the girl why they haven't posted a story about our protest but managed to have a story about the protest held in Olympia by students and "workers" (whatever that means) who are upset about budget cuts (!)... I asked her if they were just unaware, or if they chose to ignore us. She replied that no, they were aware, but our protest was at an "awkward" time. Excuse me? Awkward? Awkward as in they had plenty of time to cover it, get back to the studio and put together a short story for the evening news? Or awkward as in it would have opposed her own opinions? Or perhaps awkward because she gets her marching orders from the DNC and the White House and that would have gotten her in trouble. I don't know.

Anyway, this is the next step. Everyone needs to call these stations because ALL of them had a story posted about the Olympia protest even though both protests happened at relatively the same time and had approximately the same amount of people protesting. Call them and ask them why they are ignoring us. If enough of us call, they'll have to do something, and at the very least we will annoy them. Even if you don't live in Seattle, call them anyway. This is something that needs to change across the nation, no reason it can't start here.

Here are their numbers:
KING5: (206) 448-3850 or (800) 45-NEWS-5
KIRO: (206) 728-7777
KOMO: 1-TV-TIPS-KOMO (1-888-477-5666)

Ask them why they are not covering the taxpayers' revolt. This is the only way they can squash us - denying that we exist. Don't let them do it.


  1. KIRO had it. I called King5 and discussed the lack of coverage with the woman who answered. She seemed very pretentious and uninterested in it all. "...well, there were lots of important issues and we just chose not to cover this one..." Unbelievable really. Not sure I'm interested in watching their news coverage anymore. Not sure what's wrong with the, but the lack of intellectual honesty is astounding really.

  2. KIRO7 had some coverage. I called into King5 and the woman who answered was not at all interested in discussing their lack of coverage really. Mentioned that "...well, there was a lot of important news of the day and we just decided not to cover that issue..." Really? Wow.

  3. I called all of them. Kiro had a recorded message; no voice mail. I told the other two that any time a conservative demonstration occurs in Seattle it IS news regardless of the number of people involved. KOMO person said they had tape of it. We will see if they do; if they run it.
    Please post how I can be on your email list. I wasn't at this one but will not miss any other.

  4. Just called the Seattle media - they've heard from us and from the tone it was clear they aren't happy!

    It was really great to be at the rally today. A beautiful day to feel like you're not alone!

  5. KOMO says they played the tape on their 6:00 broadcast. Perhaps she wasn't entirely truthful - but at least she informed.

    The idiot at KING5 was just clueless about everything. They really need to hire somebody who has at least a little knowledge of the news and isn't too busy surfing internet porn sites to be bothered with phone calls.

  6. The Seattle conservatives are making me proud. Keep it up!!!! I hope other conservatives in other cities start doing the same thing. If conservatives refuse to protest we're in big trouble. Listen up everybody in every city, gets up and start the movement.

  7. Just had a thought. How about some "media bias" rallies at the TV stations themselves? (Maybe we could "Get Jesse" to "investigate" our complaint? LOL.)

    It's time to become as famous (infamous?) as Tim Eyman!


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