Sunday, February 15, 2009

As Sunday Evening Winds Down - What to Expect Tomorrow at Our Protest

First off, I am buoyed by the amount of support and attention this protest has received. We've got something real here folks. Second, I wanted to give you a rundown of the afternoon. Legally the permit is from noon to 3:00 pm, so we will be there right at noon to set up. The official festivities will kick off at around 12:30 pm. Our headliner will be Steve Beren, and most importantly, this is a chance for you to meet the other Conservative, Libertarian, Republican, i.e. freedom and liberty loving residents of Seattle. Don't waste this opportunity. I think there is also a surprise that will happen towards the beginning of the rally... a really cool surprise.

See you all tomorrow. I am pumped. Hoo-rah!


  1. Thank YOU for organizing this protest, Liberty Belle. I hope alot of people show up to support this protest but even if it doesn't pan out that way, don't give up, Liberty Belle. This is too important.

    I'm going to try to make it if I can. If not, please keep us posted to future rallies or even get togethers and meetings to keep organizing.

  2. Come up here to sunny California and help us organize!!!!!



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